Benefits Of Vintage Health Care


The main and most important difference between Vintage Health Care and traditional family practice clinics is the number of patients that are seen.  Typically, family practice clinics have between 2,000 and 5,000 patients. Vintage Health Care is different because it’s a more intimate and exclusive clinic which limits its total patient membership to 400 patients.  This means we will have more time to spend with you when you need us to address your health care needs. You will have enhanced appointment availability, reduced wait times for appointments, and after hours availability.


We don’t accept insurance.  We know that might sound shocking, but what’s really shocking is that most of our patients actually save money.  We strongly encourage you to keep your current insurance plan for medications, hospitalizations, and services not covered by Vintage Health Care.


Health and Wellness

  • An annual physical examination including routine labs 
  • Personalized coaching to create a positive healthy lifestyle
  • No copay for office visits
  • Help you understand and care for your medical conditions, excluding pain management

Immediate Medical Care

  • Consultation with a provider within 24 hours, either in person, by phone or by teleconferencing 

 Specialist Care Coordination

  • Coordinate care with specialists  
  • Make appropriate referrals to specialists             

Laboratory Tests

  • Basic screening tests will be offered for an additional fee  All testing and associated costs will be discussed with you prior to ordering.   


  • Prescriptions can be sent to the pharmacy of your choice.  

In Office Procedures 

  • We perform EKG’s, sutures, breathing treatments, and more.  Most of these costs are included in the membership. Additional costs may be incurred if supplies such as splints, crutches, or nebulizer treatments are given to the patient.  These added costs are always discussed prior to being done.


Signing up to become a member of Vintage Health Care is extremely easy.  Our new patient enrollment is now open, click the link below to enroll.

If you have questions email us at .


Individual Patient …… $65.00 
Member & Spouse …… $110.00

Member & 1 Child (6- 21) …… $100.00

Member, Spouse, & 1 Child (6 – 21) …… $145.00

Member & Children (6 – 21) …… $65.00 + $35.00* (*per child)